Pooyesh Sanat Orooj Co. Ltd.


Pooyesh San'at Orooj company with deployment of experts and best graduates of top universities in various fields, has started its activity since 2002. The aim of the company is offering the best services and products by deployment of latest technologies. In this way, we hope that any service provided make a substantial stone building in world industry and provide a reliable base for the company and others active in arena to run the next steps easier, faster and steadier. Pooyesh San'at Orroj Co. activities in the area of Business and Industry-Engineering Services will be categorized as follows:

Trading Department:

Pooyesh San'at trading department has long relationship with Chinese and European companies in the following fileds:

Electronics Part, Discrete Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Measurement and Laboratory Instrumentation



SCR and Power Electronic Switches

Special Capacitors and Resistors



Permanent Magnets




Also, we are active in high quality and high performance electrostatic precipitators (ESP) for power plants, cement plants and other industrial usages. You may learn more about our ESPs click here.



In addition, we can provide many Iranian products to other countries. For more information please contact us

Engineering Department

This section of the company forms the central part and is the most active section of the company. Using the knowledge and experience of the best scientists and engineers we can provide advanced and innovative services in following areas:

Electrical and Electronics




Industrial Machinary

Laboratory Instrumentation

Contact Information:

Pooyesh San'at Orooj Co. Ltd.

Unit 124, Fannavary Park, 16 St., Kargar Ave.

Tehran- Iran-PC: 14398-14448

Phone: +98 (21) 8833 9314


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